Hair Mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a periodic treatment of the hair scalp for the purpose of treating hair loss, increasing the quality of existing hair and stimulate hair regeneration.

The principle of hair mesotherapy is to inject the medication in low concentrations to the desired area and thus decrease the side effects. Hair growth is stimulated and the desired effects are quickly observed.

The procedure requires around 10 sessions, 15 minutes each to achieve the desired effects. There’s no pain due to the use of a special mesotherapy needle.

Though mesotherapy is a widely-used method to treat hair loss, it is imperative that Ministry of Health approved medication is used. Sessions are scheduled in weekly, bi-weekly and monthly periods. The combination of medication used is selected in accordance with the purpose desired, is applied in small doses locally and with the use of a special technique. The medication that reaches the capillaries of the dermis takes effect quickly and efficiently.

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