hipster-hairstyles-for-round-facesWhat is hair transplantation?

The hair follicles between two ears of the person are resistant to androgenetic (male pattern) hair loss. The hair follicles at the top and the front of the head, on the other hand, are sensitive to the male testosterone hormone. This results in these follicles get damaged over the years and causing hair loss. Hair transplantation is the surgical removal of these healthy hair follicles and their transplantation to the site of hair loss, one by one.   

Hair transplantation is a painless surgical procedure performed by a licenced surgeon in an operating room. Throughout the procedure, the patient is awake yet sedated with local aenesthetics.

A hair transplant operation may only be carried out with a licenced surgeon and under proper hospital conditions. It is dangerous and forbidden to perform it in personal clinics and non-licenced centers. 

What is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method?

FUE is the surgical method where the follicular transplant units (hair follicles) are removed from a donor site that is genetically resistant to falling and transferred to the transplant site one by one with the use of a special surgical tool. FUE is performed in operating rooms of hospitals by a licensed surgeon and a staff of nurses.

The procedure that may last somewhere between 6-10 hours. The duration may change based on the number of grafts the patient may need to successfully complete the procedure. The patient awake throughout the operation yet is under local aenesthesia. S/he experiences no pain following the operation.

The FUE procedure allows for the removal and transplantation of bodily hair as well. As the grafts are removed one by one and these tiny donor sites heal on their own, there is no scarring at all.

What is the FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Method?

FUT is an older and more established method of hair transplantation where the follicular transplant units (hair follicles) are removed from a donor site en masse, alongside a strip of the scalp and transferred to the transplant site one by one.

The procedure, compared to FUE, is shorter, more affordable and the patient is awake throughout the operation feeling no pain under local aenesthesia.

Hair Transplantation with PRP Therapy

Hair transplant operations take hours. As the donor follicles are removed from the patient, they are placed in saline solution until the transplant takes place. PRP treatment, if used in conjunction with FUE or FUt, helps enhance follicle viability, stimulate healing and hair regeneration following the operation.

How are the terms “hair follicle,” “hair strand” and “graft” are different?

One hair strand grows out of one hair follicle. On the other hand a graft may be composed of a single strand or a group of up to four hair strands. Graft size may be determined based on the size of the donor hair follicles and the punches that the transplant teams are using.

For instance: 1000 grafts contain 1000 strands if the grafts are single. If 200 grafts are single, 400 grafts are double and 400 grafts are triple, then that adds up to 200 + (400 x 2) + (400 x 3) = 200 + 800 + 1200 = 2200 hair strands.

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