“Aesthetics is where art and medicine meet."

Since 1998, I have worked on hair restoration and hair transplants. My clinic provides the highest level of service and expertise to turn our patients’ dreams into reality. We have built an unmatched reputation by offering our patients superior results while utilizing the best technology and adhering to the safest medical practices.

If you are looking for a world class clinic to help you achieve healthy, natural and beautiful hair, our top notch medical team is ready to assist you.

Ozlem Bicer, M.D.

Over 25 Years of Experience


Free Consultations and Travel Arrangement Services

Request a Consultation

You may text or email us to request a free consultation with Dr. Bicer. We normally respond to texts within 1 business day, and emails within 2 business days.

Meet Dr. Bicer

We will arrange a time for you to speak with Dr. Bicer through video chat using WhatsApp. During the consultation, you can share your goals and objectives with Dr. Bicer.

Make Arrangements

Once you have scheduled your procedure and booked your flight, we can assist you with selecting a hotel and transportation to and from the alrport. These are courtesy services, and you have the option of choosing your own arrangements. You may return home the day after the procedure.


    Özlem Biçer