Complications are patient and doctor independent conditions.

Well, depending on the doctor’s experience and the characteristics of the patient, it can be minimized, but it cannot be considered impossible to occur. As with any medical intervention, there are some complications with hair transplantation. Many of these are due to local anesthesia and surgery.

What complications will occur during or after the operation?

Local anesthesia is the most common and inevitable method for the patient to perform a comfortable and painless operation. Similar to the methods used in hair transplants, various instruments for local anesthesia have been developed today.

Even with the most modern tools, complications cannot be completely prevented.

HYPOTENSION-HYPERTENSION-HYPOGLYCAEMIA-HYPERGLYCAEMIA are the most common diseases that can cause problems and shortness of breath during local anesthesia. For this reason, the doctor should ensure that the patient is suitable for local anesthesia prior to hair transplantation.

These complications can occur during the hair transplant and can be corrected immediately by the doctor. However, the most common complications associated with hair transplantation were post-operative complications. The most common situations after the treatment is that the hair density result does not meet the patient’s expectations, in addition to constant numbness in the skin, infection and nerve damage.

However, these are not unsurpassable cases for a professional doctor, and they can be kept to a minimum. Therefore, he asks for a detailed medical history of the patient, does a hair analysis, researches the dermatological and systematic diseases and the most important ones and takes the patient’s blood sample. In this way, possible complications for the patient can be avoided as far as possible. This type of procedure avoids possible patient complications as much as possible

27 Oca, 2021

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