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I am very proud to announce that I have featured in a prestigious list,  The Worlds Best 25 Hair Transplant surgeons in the World, as published on men’s grooming website,  Apetogentleman.com.

My nomination came courtesy of Spencer ‘Spex Hair’ Stevenson, a tireless advocate for hair loss sufferers all over the world.

Spencer, also known as ‘Spex Hair’, draws from his own exhausting experiences in hair loss treatments to share knowledge and news with today’s consumers. Sadly, our industry is rife with unscrupulous practitioners and Spex Hair is fiercely protective of those who always try to do the right thing.

By his own admission, “The hair loss industry preys on your vulnerability and isolation.” Equally ashamed of this aspect and determined to turn it around, Spex Hair has built a fine career out of being a media spokesperson. Additionally, he shares information by keeping his own website, Spex Hair, up to date, and through his podcast The Bald Truth UK Radio show that he is the co-host of and on social media as well as regularly appearing in the mainstream media.

Spex Hair keeps consumers in the know about hair transplant excellence but also advocates that surgery should always be a last resort. If and when a consumer has exhausted all other avenues of hair loss treatment, he guides consumers towards the very best in the industry. The Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons list forms one part of that wealth of knowledge.

Thanks to Spencer Stevenson, consumers are now able to make decisions based on fact, integrity and truth, rather than relying on ‘lowest common denominator’ practitioners who prey on the vulnerable. As one who makes it my life’s work to provide my patients with transformative treatments that cause no harm, I am truly honoured to have been mentioned on this list.

Spex Hair Interview with Spencer Kobren

27 Oca, 2021

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