Dr. Özlem Biçer is an internationally recognized medical doctor, with over 22 years of experience in hair restoration. The day of your procedure you will be the only patient to undergo the operation, that means you will have an exclusive and dedicated treatment at every step of your hair transplant. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get all the answers to your questions.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The procedure: Compared to the FUT, FUE is a slightly newer method and has been implemented in Turkey since 2004. It involves the removal or hair follicles one by one from the donor area, by the use of a small, circular punch. The punch may be robotic (micromotor FUE) or operated directly by hand (manuel FUE.) (A small note here: micromotor FUE tool still needs to be managed by hand, so it’s not completely motorized – but more on this later) The grafts then, are placed onto the transplant area.

Advantage: As there’s no strip of the scalp removed, the method is less invasive as there’s no scarring and the healing time is faster. Up to 4000-4400 grafts may be harvested in a single operation. The patient may choose to wear their hair short following the operation, if they wish to do so.

Disadvantage The patient needs to shave their hair prior to the procedure and thus can’t really hide the fact that they’re having a hair transplant. The duration of the operation is 6-8 hours and the doctors may propose to complete the transplant in 2-3 days. Therefore it is also more costly.