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Özlem Biçer M.D.

"Aesthetics is where art and medicine meets."

To look pretty is one of the basic and natural instincts. It is very humane and justifiable to want your hair to be healthy and beautiful. Through the advances in medicine and aesthetics we can now intervene helping you to rebuild your appearance.

Since 2004 my medical team and I are working on hair treatments and hair transplantations with all our knowledge and love in order to turn this desire of our patients into reality.

Moreover, we care to preserve our image built in the years using all the latest in technology and without compromising from health and complying with law and ethics.

If you want healthy, natural and beautiful hair and you'd like to be assisted by a medical crew of such values, we'd be glad to meet you.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Most Experienced Medical Staff with Doctor
  • We have one of the most experienced and skilled hair transplantation team in Turkey. Our medical doctor, Dr. Özlem Biçer, is an International Society of Hair Restauration Surgery (ISHRS) certified doctor. Our medical team is composed by highly-trained and highly-graduated nurses.
  • Unlike most Turkish hair transplant clinics, we believe that hair restoration should be performed only by doctors.
  • We take on only one patient a day and the same team does all procedures. We will give our full attention to providing the best service for you.
  • The Dr. Özlem Biçer Clinic is one of the very rare licensed clinics in Turkey, and your process will be performed in our clinic hair tranplantation theater.

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My hair has gone from a thinning 50 year old to back when I was in my 30's in just 12 months.
— Frank D. Clemente

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