4 Things to know before you get laser hair removal treatment

1. It’s not radioactive and it’s not X-ray.

Laser hair removal procedure requires the use of an intense beam of light that damages the hair roots with its heat. This is how the long term removal of hair takes place. The procedure is also called “Selective Photothermolysis.”

2. How many sessions the treatment requires is different for each patient.

On average, hair removal from the body may require between 4-6 sessions, two months apart from one another. Thinner hair in the facial area may require 6-12 sessions, 1 month apart. Further factors determining the number of sessions required are the color, thickness and bodily location of the hair, as well as skin color.

With patients with thick, black hair and lighter skin, fewer sessions are required. Patients with lighter hair color, thinner hair and darker skin, the number of sessions required rises.

3. Get ready for the procedure.

Do not use make-up, deodorant and anti-perspirant products on the treatment area and if you already have, clean up thoroughly before the procedure. If you’re on any type of medication, share this information with your doctor.

4. Protect yourself after the treatment.

Do not bathe with hot water following the session. Refrain from chemical or otherwise peeling, or any other actions that may irritate the skin in the treatment area. Do not enter the solarium and avoid the sun. Avoiding the sun is especially important for parts of the skin that are regularly exposed, such as the face, neck and arms.

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