A Comparison of the Manual vs Micromotor FUE methods

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique is about the removal of hair follicles from the donor area with the help of a small punch. (For more info on the FUE technique, please click here.)

There are two versions of this small tool:

1. The punch is completely manual: the doctor has to collect hair follicles from the donor area by means of his hand only, known as the manual FUE method.

2. A small electric punch helps collect the hair follicles from the donor area with equal pressure: The punch, again, in this case is controlled by the doctor and the method is known as the micromotor FUE method.

There are few clinics in the world that can handle a completely robotic FUE procedure, with the help of some considerably expensive equipment, but this is not the micromotor FUE we’ve been talking about and these two different procedures should not be mixed.

So which method is better?

There’s a variety of opinions on which method is the better. The basic difference between the two methods is that with Manual FUE, the doctor can collect up to 1500 grafts per surgery. This number rises up to 3000 grafts per surgery if the Micromotor FUE is preferred. If the patient needs 3000 grafts to complete the transplantation, it only takes one surgery to collect them all. If manual FUE will be decided as a method, 2 surgeries would be necessary to collect all the necessary grafts. This in return, would make the treatment more costly, double the aenesthetics, double the risk of complication, double the time and the price.

Micromotor FUE is faster, removes more hair follicles from the donor area within the same amount of time. Grafts are more viable and stronger because the electric punch applies the same amount of pressure on the scalp. If the operation can be completed in one session, the anesthetics used and the risk of complication falls.

There is a school that recommends Manual FUE as well. What’s important is that you talk to your doctor about your expectations before the operation, and decide together which of the two methods would be the ideal option for you.  

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