After the hair transplant surgery: everything you need to know

What you should know before you get a hair transplantation operation
February 25, 2016

After the hair transplant surgery: everything you need to know

Whether you’re still looking into how to hair transplant procedure operates or barely home from the surgery, this guide is for you: we have put together all that you need to know for the post-surgery process.

1. Watch your head!

Protect your head from any type of blow for the first month. Avoid the closet doors, your dog’s paws and childrens’ fists – or all sorts of impact for that matter. This is incredibly important both for your fast recovery and the viability of the newly transplanted hair.

2. Take good care of your scalp!

Equally important is to avoid any type of irritation of the skin at the donor and transplant area. The sun may give you rashes, the acidity of rain may irritate your scalp. Saunas, spas, the sea and pools are off-limits too. Do not apply any cream or product on your scalp without first notifying your doctor.

3. Take a few days off!

If your work environment is relatively safe (such as an office), 3 days off should be enough. But if you’re working at a risker place, such as a construction zone, do not hesitate to take the whole week off. Resting at home should speed up your recovery and help you protect your head for the first few days the operation.

4. Follow your doctor’s instructions on how to take a bath!

Do not take a bath (or shower) for the first 3 days. After that, for the first two weeks, take your showers as instructed by your doctor. For the following days, your doctor will instruct you on how to cleanse and care for yourself.

5. Do not rush for sexual intercourse!

Due to all the reasons we have mentioned above, do not engage in any sexual relations. This helps protecting both your head and your scalp. You won’t be able to take a bath for the first 3 days anyways.

6. You’re free once the first month is over!

Your newly transplanted hair may take up to a year to regrow, but your post-surgery recovery should normally be over in a month or so. If you complete this first month abiding by your doctor’s suggestions, not only will you get through this period easily and comfortably, but also will have created the optimum environment for the fast regrowth of your newly transplanted hair.

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