Is hair transplantation operation safe? What are the side effects and risks of the operation?

Your health is no matter of joke. So let’s talk safety and risks.

Risks of Hair Transplantation

First and foremost, let’s define the term “safe.” Even with the simplest manicure, if the minimum hygienic conditions are not met, may carry life-threatening risks. A hair transplantation operation, even though the patient is awake throughout, is a medical procedure that needs to take place in an operating room with a medical staff. Like any other operation, it has its risks.

What matters here is to constitute the necessary conditions to manage these risks: provision of both the doctor and the patient with the necessary and accurate information, selection of the right environment to perform the operation in and working with an able medical team. Though it would not be correct to say an operation is not risky, provided that these three conditions are properly met, it would be safe to assume that potential risks would very much be under control.

Side Effects of Hair Transplantation

It’s important to mention at this point that a FUT operation would leave you with a small horizontal scarring at the back of your head and that you might want to wear your hair long enough to cover it after the operation. If you decide on a FUE procedure instead, you don’t have to worry about scarring but you would have to share your head prior to the operation. Aside from these two, if the surgical operation that you’re going to undergo is going to have a specific side effect due to your specific health condition, your doctor should notify you about these risks before the operation takes place.

It is important that you talk to your doctor prior to the surgery about your expectations regarding the hair transplant procedure. The real side effects of hair transplantation are psychological. If your approach and expectations regarding the operation are not realistic, it is important that your doctor to explain to you how much the procedure can really meet your expectations.

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