FUE Automated : 2.5€ per graft (up to 4000 grafts in one session); average prices range from
5000€ – 10000€ per session
FUE Manual : 4€ per graft (up to 2000 grafts in one session)
FUT (Strip): 5000€
Beard transplant (From scalp to beard): 5000-7500€ (Related with graft count)
Beard transplant (From beard to scalp): 5000€ (Unrelated with graft count)
Eyebrows: 5000€
Body Hair Transplant: 5000€
Scalp Micro-Pigmentation (SMP): 500€ – 1000€
PRP Treatment: Free with certain surgeries

Prices above are estimated. Other factors may increase the cost of the procedure. These
factors include, but are not limited to:
– The general health of the patient;
– The age of the patient;
– Potential complications; and
– The number and type of prior hair transplants a patient has undergone.
Patients who authorize use of their photos or who participate in our social media may qualify for
a discount. Group patients, students, and civil servants may also qualify for a discount. Other
discounts or promotions may be available throughout the year.