I was born in 1973 in İstanbul. I achieved the degree of Anakent College in 1991 and Medicine Faculty Trakya University in 1998. I was involved in an education program on hair surgery by the Health Ministry of the Turkish Republic and got hair surgery licensed from the Ministry. I was also educated in France on Hair loss treatments, Mesotherapy, and aesthetics in 2002.

I am a hair transplant surgeon and I have been performing hair surgery, both FUE and FUT procedures, in my practice for more than 25 years in İstanbul. I worked in İstanbul from 1999-2002 on Aesthetic and hair surgery in several private clinics. I have been performing hair transplants at my licensed and authorized clinic since 2002.

I have been regularly involved and take part in conferences all over the world on FUT and FUE micromotor, FUE Manuel, Unshaven Long Hair FUE and FUE by Implanters, Hair loss treatments, Regenerative medicine, and Dermatopathology of the scalp as a speaker as a trainer or as a member of hair restoration societies.

Also, I provide other treatments such as PRP, mesotherapy, stem cell, regenerative medicine that are tailored hair loss treatments.

In my 25 years of experience in medicine, my patients are always my priorities, my colleagues and society have an important role in my life.

I resist performing just only one hair transplant per day just to give all my attention to my patient and try to be an ethical model for beginners. My experiences have allowed me to acquire a wide variety of communication and clinical skills, both in management routine, emergencies, and the basic of surgery.

I love to work within a multidisciplinary team and assume an active role when necessary.

I am solution-oriented, disciplined, confident, and too motivated for working with my colleagues for patients’ and societies’ benefit and have a strong academic interest in research and studies. I love to update my knowledge and share my experiences and love to motivate team members towards common goals.

I am a member of ISHRS, IAHRS, FUE Europe, AAAM

I can speak English. I have a poem book and all the income of this book is given to the orphans for their education. I am married for 27 years and have a 25-year-old son.


Medical Doctor

University of Trakya, Edirne, Turkey, July 1998

Medical Aesthetic Degree

Flavius Medical Aesthetic, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2004


Other Education and Training Programs:

-AAAM, Aesthetic Medicine, Pennsylvania, US, 11-13 August 2017

-Enseignement International de Mesotherapie, France, 6 October 2002

-Allergan, Excellence, Istanbul Turkey, December 2002

-Mezoklinik, Promoitalia, Istanbul, Turkey, 01 May 2012

-Mester, Medical Aesthetic Complication Management, Ankara, Turkey, 19-20 May 2018

-Flavius, FUE and single Strip Technique, Istanbul, Turkey, 02-03 June 2004

-Mester, Medical Aesthetic Complication Management, Cyprus, 15-17 January 2017

-TED1, Teoxane Expert Day, Istanbul, 29 September 2017

-Mester, Hair Restoration Methods, Antalya, Turkey, 29 Nov.-2 December 2018

-Mezoklinik, Perfectha and Ellanse Training, İstanbul, Turkey, 29 September 2015

-5th Dermatology and Dermatopathology in Anatolia, İstanbul, Turkey, 18-21 September 2003

-Certificate of Bio Cosmetics, İstanbul Turkey, 01-15 March 2000

-Mester, Int. Medical Aesthetic Symposium, Antalya, Turkey, 28-31 October 2021

-5th Dermatology and Dermatopathology in Anatolia, İstanbul, Turkey, 20 September 2003

Dermatologic Laser Applications

-5th Dermatology and Dermatopathology in Anatolia, İstanbul, Turkey, 18-21 September 2003, Botox

-Allergan Medical Institute, Putting the codes into practice, 04 June 2015

-Mester, Medical Aesthetic Face Cadaver, Edirne, Turkey, 1-2 May 2016

-15th Aesthetic and anti-aging Medicines, AMWC, Monaco, 7 April 2017

-21st World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey 27-29 October 2017

-1st Medical Aesthetic, Mesotherapy, Antalya, İstanbul, 15-19 December 2004

-Allergan Medical Aesthetics Academy, Master academy for Excellence, 08 May 2010

-Mezoklinik, Steril Seperation PRP, İstanbul, Turkey 2017

-Botox and natural Look seminar, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 8-10 March 2005

-Fotona, Medical Technology Trainer workshop, 25 September 2011

-Seltek, Facial Redensity I and Mesotherapy applications, İstanbul Turkey, 15.09.2012

-Hipokrat, Genesis Diagnostics Completion, İstanbul, Turkey, December 2011

-Regional, Bio-Revolumetry in medical Aesthetic Medicine, İstanbul 15 December 2012

-Bio Rivolumetria, Master course, İstanbul Turkey, 30 April 2019

-TC Health Ministry Ozon Applications, Ankara, Turkey, 22 March-12 April 2017

-TC Health Ministry Mesotherapy Applications, Ankara, Turkey, 22 December-10 April 2016

-TTB Expertism in Medicine, 20-23 September 2018

-Regional, Theoretical-Practical Sessions, From Bio revitalization to Contour Correction, İstanbul, Turkey, 15 October 2011

-ISHRS, 29th World Congress, Lisbon, 21-23 October 2021

-ISHRS, 28th World Congress, Online, 25 October 2020

-TED3 Teoxane Expert Days, Middle East, Dubai, 18 March 2018

-Mezoklinik Ellanse Theoretical and Practical Filler İstanbul, 18 March 2019

-Annual FUE Europe Hands-on Course, Ankara, Turkey 18-19September 2020

-2nd National Medical Aesthetic Congress 19-22 January 2018

-National Mesotherapy Community, 05-08 March 2020

-Annual FUE Europe Meeting, 09-11 September 2021

-Annual FUE Europe Meeting, Ankara, Turkey, 18-19 September 2020

-Global Hair Loss Submit (online) 2020-Speaker

-Global Hair Loss Submit (online) 2021-Speaker

-USHRS Congress, Ukraine, (online) 19th February 2022

-Los Angles Hair Restoration Course, 3-5th March 2022

Also a member of:



Planning Congress:

ISHRS, 30th World Congress, Panama, 27-29 September 2022

Afro-hair workshop in Mauritius Island. (Speaker)

Fue eyebrow workshop in Dominic Island. (Speaker)




-FUE Europe Annual Fue Hands-on Ankara 18-19 September 2020

-Masters of Beauty, 2021

-2nd International Medical Aesthetic Congress

-Dr. Ufuk Alatekin Academy “Those who add value to beauty” İstanbul 21 June 2021

-Medical Aesthetic Symposium

-Mezoder, Mesotherapy Congress

-Los Angles Hair Restoration Courses, Live Surgery Workshop

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